Acting Dean's Word

Prof. / Ahmed Mohamed Metwally Ghoneim.

Prof. Ahmed Mohammed Al-Metwally Ghoneim
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         My sons and daughters, new students of Faculty of Medicine; with the beginning of a new academic year, I am pleased to welcome you in your Tanta Faculty of Medicine. I ask Allah, The Sublimely Exalted, The Magnificent, to make you happy with your new academic life through participation in the activities offered by the University via Student Welfare Administration at the Faculty whether they are sport, social, cultural or art activities because good University students have to distribute time and effort between scientific specialization and improvement of body and soul, skills development and innovation in all fields. I wish you success and ask you to do your best in knowledge acquisition and to be keen on abiding by ethics of the medical professionwhich is a great one. This requires a lot of keenness and dedication in studying and after graduation God willing.So, sons, be eager to benefit from all what is offered by the Faculty and be committed to values, traditions and University systems in the light of gaining accreditation by the Faculty in order to graduate an efficient physicianwho have needed knowledge and skills and who is scientifically qualified for dealing with patients' health problems efficiently and effectively while taking ethics of the profession into consideration.