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Last update: 1/6/2022

Word of Faculty Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development

                       Prof. Mohamed Mohamed Abdo Al-Shibiny
                      Email   : Vd_community@med.tanta.edu.eg

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          My dear sons, Doctors of the future. I welcome you to the Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, as you take your first step in the university education stage, and you have achieved a great hope of your diligence, I hope that your admission to the Faculty of Medicine will be a continuation of the path of seriousness and diligence to achieve your ambitions and be creative energies. In order to achieve this, you must adhere to the university traditions and strive to seek knowledge and to participate in student activities Which develop your own abilities and earn you the values ??of belonging and giving. And we in the Faculty of Medicine put all the possibilities to achieve the mission of the College in the preparation of the doctor To meet the challenges of the age by creating scientific research and the introduction of technology as one of the vocabulary of daily life in addition to the preparation for community service and environmental development.
                           May Allah grant you success in your studies and all your efforts with success and success


Word of Faculty Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research

                        Prof. / Mohammed Sayed Abdal Rahman Hantaera.
                     Email   : Vd_research@med.tanta.edu.eg

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    Dear students and students of the Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University     I welcome you to your new college, which you joined with effort, race and night and will continue this effort throughout the years of study at the Faculty of Medicine In order to graduate, God willing, useful doctors for your dear country Egypt. From now on, you have started a journey of continuous study and scientific research that goes on throughout the life of a skilled doctor Who, after graduation, must keep pace with the rapid progress in medicine by engaging in graduate studies scientific research and continuous knowledge of the new medical field.
May Allah's peace and blessings be upon you to serve humanity, alleviate the pain and diseases of mankind, and serve our dear homeland, its prosperity, progress and all your efforts. May God reward you for your good and the best of His slaves and God is a good thing.


Acting Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs

                     Prof. Howeida Ismael Hussein Ismael
                     Email:  : Vd_student@med.tanta.edu.eg

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I am pleased and honored to welcome you to the Faculty of Medicine at Tanta University and I sincerely congratulate you on your scientific excellence at the secondary stage hoping that your excellence will continue through your commitment and ongoing effort.
In addition, The Faculty of Medicine is the faculty of the privileged, and it has a prestigious and a highly human value as it is responsible for human health. So, all the members who belong to this Faculty should be aware of this responsibility and this value.
Moreover, Tanta University has realized the significance of its role in medical education in order to achieve its comprehensive progress, to meet community needs, and to show commitment to support and development of scientific research and utilizing human resources. Therefore, The University established Faculty of Medicine in the academic year 1962-1963 with a noble mission and an ambitious vision.
Furthermore, we, as members of Faculty of Medicine including its administration, academic staff, and all personnel at its different departments with the support we receive form University Administration, do our best to achieve the vision and mission through the system of values and principles the University adopts. In addition, we exert our best effort to provide the faculty students with the suitable educational atmosphere in order to reach the highest scientific levels for graduates.
Besides, we work hard to cope with recent international criteria of medical education and to use the most up-to-date scientific methods of teaching and developed scientific curricula to graduate efficient doctors with international standards who are committed to ethics of the profession and to a successful professional career and who are able to penetrate the labor market and to compete locally and regionally. Hence, we take into consideration community service out of our belief in the role played by the University in serving society as a partner in sustainable development. Also, we seek to help the University attain a high stature among international universities to be always in the forefront of ranked universities not only on the Egyptian level but also worldwide.
Finally, I support you and advise you to follow the way of knowledge and science in life and I wish you a brilliant future.

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