Obstetrics and Gynecology Department is considered one of the pioneer departments in Delta region since the establishment of Tanta University.
The department provides social services to the patients from four governorates. It is considered the primary reference to the critic cases and serious complications in the Delta region.
In addition, the department provides graduates with the fundamental information on obstetrics and gynecology and evaluates them via regular quizzes and exams.
Furthermore, it provides the opportunity to students who want to complete their study in that specialization to register in the Master and Ph.D. Degrees. The department graduates distinguished generations and qualifies them to serve the surrounding community.
Moreover, the department provides a distinguished scientific activity through the annual research papers provided by members of the department and published in international scientific journals. It also has a pioneer role in holding workshops to give the opportunity to the juniors to learn more. In addition, the department holds annual scientific conference attended by pioneers of obstetrics and gynecology all over the State. Professors of the Department have fruitful participations in grand scientific conferences nationally and worldwide.



• Preparing a doctor with the required initial skills to be able to work in the field of women's reproductive health within the framework of the ethics of the profession
• Providing consultations to the pregnant and offering first aids to urgent cases
• Achieving distinguished healthcare to women in different ages
• Training on doing developed research papers


• • Improving the department to be a distinguished center in women's healthcare according to international quality standards .