Pharmacology Department

about of Department

Medical Pharmacology Department is one of the academic departments at Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University. It is located on the fifth floor. It cares about teaching Medical Pharmacology for under and post graduate students at Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, and Nursing. .

Pharmacology Department

Vision &Mission

The vision of the Department of Pharmacology is to serve the citizens of Tanta, Egypt and the whole world through discovery, learning and participation which integrates the basic sciences in order to improve human health.

Mission :

Pharmacology is an exciting branch of biological and medical sciences. The mission of the Department is summarized in the following three points: teaching, scientific research, and community service.
Our mission is: .
To provide quality in preclinical and clinical education in pharmacology and therapeutics for under and postgraduate students, by developing novel teaching methods. .
• To do recognized basic research papers of excellence.
• To serve the community through optimal medical therapies provided to our patients and increase their awareness of dangers of drug abuse.
• To participate in leadership at Tanta Faculty of Medicine and in appropriate national scientific and professional societies.