Strategic Objectives for Fucalty of Medicine

Strategic Objectives :

        Faculty of Medicine at Tanta University depends on environmental development for formulating strategic goals of the Faculty in order to enhance points of strength, deal with points of weakness, take available opportunities and avoid threats that negatively affect its performance. Moreover, strategic goals of the Faculty have been modified based on the environmental analysis. Strategic goals of the Faculty have been presented and discussed with concerned parties inside and outside the Faculty. These concerned parties are academic leaders, teaching staff, administrators, students, alumni, and members from local community who are related to alumni through questionnaires that included all parties from inside and outside the Faculty and a workshop that was held on May 19, 2015. The goals were sent by e-mail to seek opinion and the amendment was ratified by Faculty Council on August 18, 2015. The strategic goals are:

1- To complete and renew buildings and constructions of the Faculty.
2- To develop the old hospital building through creating a vision for establishment of a new hospital building in a modern style based on the vertical expansion.
3- To development of the organizational and administrative structure of the Faculty.
4- To create new departments in order to meet recent needs and requirements of labor market in addition to training and requalification of human resources.
5- To develop and improve teaching staffs abilities, to upgrade performance level and to draw up ratified policies for improvement and enhancement of the Faculty.
6- To abide by professional ethics and to apply fair practices and non-discrimination.
7- To develop and introduce new programs and educational curricula for Bachelors and postgraduate students to match regional and international criteria.
8- To improve available resources of education and learning, to develop methods of teaching and students assessments.
9- To increase and improve students and graduates competitive abilities in addition to offering them continuous program of medical education.
10- To boost and strengthen relations between Faculty of Medicine and local and international faculties as well as delegating some physicians to be trained there so as to raise the level of students, graduates and teaching staff.
11- To develop the research plan of the Faculty and to relate it to economic and social development plans of the state.
12- To support establishment and development of scientific research system at the Faculty.
13- To strengthen cooperation with research institutions inside and outside the country in cooperation with productive sectors and public and private institutions in local community in order to encourage research projects that serve community.
14- To improve efficiency of Faculty role in community service through a comprehensive plan of community service and creating an environment based on a study of social needs.
15- To offer high quality health and preventive health service to Middle Delta region, to develop special units and centers and to establish new ones to offer rare specializations and to provide distinguished health service that copes with the latest international technologies.
16- To communicate with industrial, productive and health organizations in the governorate and NGOs to present some research and educational projects that can serve community in order to be funded.

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