Faculty Vice Deans

Word of Faculty Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development
Prof. Mai Mohammed Abdel Mon'em Salama, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine - Faculty Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development

I sincerely congratulate you on being helped by Allah to join Faculty of Medicine and I supplicate Allah to achieve all your hopes to be good physicians loyal to our beloved homeland and capable of serving your nation.

I ask you to exert hard effort in knowledge acquisition and to be regular in attending lectures and practical lessons as well as creative efforts in community service. We, at Faculty of Medicine, offer all capabilities to fulfill the mission of the Faculty regarding preparation of physician for facing challenges of the age through scientific research and integrating technology which is considered one of daily life componentsin addition to preparation for community service and environmental development.

Word of Faculty Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research
Prof. Sherif Mohammed Kamel Shehata, Professor of General Surgery-Faculty Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research

My sons and daughters, students of Faculty of Medicine, I welcome you at Tanta Faculty of Medicine. You have achieved the best hope for yourselves, families, community and your beloved country, Egypt. You have fulfilled your first achievement that will continue and develop with your constant effort and your eagerness to acquire knowledge from all its resources so as to be graduated as good members who benefit your society and your country and to be the source of pride for your Faculty.
Today, you start the journey and skill of scientific research that will be improved and upgraded by you during a continuous interesting journey in the medical area to completion of your postgraduate studies, God willing, that will enable you to realize your dreams in the field you have chosen through utilizing all capabilities of your Faculty and teaching staff's skills and experience with the purpose of preparing you for the good of this nation.
Your affiliation to your accredited Faculty and your society is part of your affiliation to your precious homeland, Egypt, to keep its flag fluttering with your effort. I supplicate Allah to help you achieve happiness of this world and the afterworld, to give you the honor of relieving suffering of Allah's most honored creature, Human. Hopefully, Allah will guide you to your good and His servants' good and Allah is the Best Helper.  r />

Word of Faculty Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs
Prof. Ahmed Abdel Salam Mohammed Shakal, Professor of Neurosurgery – Faculty Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs

In the beginning, I would like to congratulate all of you on the start of the new academic year wishing you good luck and continuous success in your study at the glorious Faculty of Medicine.
The Faculty always exerts all efforts to provide you with all requirements of the educational process including the principle of justice and equality among all students. Please, do not hesitate to meet me or teaching staff to solve any problem you may encounter.
Your Faculty will not refrain from giving you anything. Giving is unlimited so be as good as I think. I would not miss the opportunity to tell you that the profession of medicine is a human one and that study at Faculty of Medicine continues after graduation to seek knowledge, conduct scientific research and know all new findings around the world in the medical field. Try hard to make your distinctive impact in this world.
Go forward…Hopefully, Allah will guide you to your own good.