Dates of Postgraduate Exams( Postponed April 2020 Session) for Those who Met the Requirements for Entrance of the Final Comprehensive Exam

 The council of Tanta Faculty of Medicine approved in its session, held on Sunday, June 28, 2020 at Conference Hall on the 2nd floor at the Faculty of Medicine in the presence of the respectable council members, to set the postgraduate exams ( postponed April 2020 session) for those who met the requirements for entrance of the final comprehensive exam and applied previously for entrance the exam.

           It’s noteworthy that the exams are to be held during August and September 2020 with 1st part exams of the previous terms(1st and 2nd terms) which will also be held at this time according to the bylaw. The exams will be held in no contradiction to the exam timetable of undergraduate students at the Faculty in line with the directives of Supreme Council of Universities provided in the session of June 23, 2020. The timetables will be announced very soon, so please keep following up.

        In the same context, all precautionary measures of safety and sterilization  have been taken during exams in accordance with the decisions of the Supreme Council of Universities in its May 2020 session.


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