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The Main Features Of The Program

                                              •The program is based on the style and philosophy of credit
                                              hours system of the semester according to the American
                                              system (Details in the terminology section)
                                              •The program aims to provide high quality education with
                                              full academic supervision of students and continuous
                                              performance evaluation
                                              •The program is based on a 6-year course (6 levels), each
                                              with two semesters and a summer semester. The Bachelor's
                                              Degree in Medicine and Surgery will be obtained after a
                                              total of 209 credit hours.
                                              •The study consists of 11 semesters of courses and obliga-
                                              tory units with 191 credit hours (91.4%). The nal semester
                                              is allocated to elective courses with total of (18) credit
                                              hours (8.6%).
                                              •The program achieves through some of the courses of
                                              modern medical skills and the modules that meet the
                                              requirements of the university (human rights, professional
                                              skills, medical applications for computer program, English
                                              language, communication skills, quality and management
                                              principles, and introduction to scientic research methods
                                              and applications).
                                              •The program contains courses and modules that allow the
                                              student to study the principles of administrative science
                                              and risk management and ethics of the profession and the
                                              provider of human sciences, which have a close relation-
                                              ship with the study of the College and practiced by the
                                              graduate in his life and all the skills of leadership and
                                              languages (9 hours certied) in addition to the number of 3
                                              optional optional free Student from any eld or hobby.
                                              •The student workload includes a theoretical and practical
                                              study that includes laboratory applications, clinical training,
                                              workshops to solve problems, eld visits to training the
                                              various community services required to achieve the learn-
                                              ing outcomes of the graduates.

                                                 Competency - Based Medical Bachelor Program (CBMBP)
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