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Study System                                              Registration and

              at CBMBP.                                                 Transfer

      Study system                                               The program accepts students who have a
      a. Duration of study is 5 years (5 levels)                 high school diploma, science department or
      Two semesters set by the beginning of the                  equivalent and candidates admission to the
      Supreme Council of Universities and are as                 Faculty of Medicine, University of Tanta
      follows:                                                   according to the nominations and rules of
      First Semester (Fall): Starts in September                 the Coordination Ofce, and students are
      often for 17 weeks                                         admitted to the building program on their
      Second Semester (Spring): It usually begins                wishes and the principle of equal opportuni-
      in February (after a half-year vacation) and for           ties and in light of the rules determined by
      17 weeks.                                                  the Executive Committee of the Program to
      Note: Summer semester: an optional class 8                 distinguish between
      weeks - begins in July and the number of                   Students are the grades of the student in the
      hours multiplied                                           total in high school plus the grades of
      The student is allowed to register for the                 English
      summer semester for a course or some cours-                And biology.
      es and no more than 10                                     B. The program allows admission of
      Credit Hours: The Executive Committee of the               students who have a total of qualied Egyp-
      Program shall determine all rules governing                tian medical colleges according to nomina-
      registration and study in the Summer Semes-                tions and the rules of the Coordination
      ter.                                                       Ofce and accept the program according to
      b. The maximum duration of study and gradua-               the rules of transfer established by the
      tion is fteen semester.                                   Supreme Council of Universities
      c-The study is divided into 4 stages:                      Taking into account the reduction of expatri-
      -The foundation stage is one and a half years              ation, especially for female students, know-
      in which the student studies, trains and exer-             ing that they are not allowed at all to transfer
      cises all the basics and skills the student                to the college program and they are not
      goes to the hospital gradually starting obser-             allowed to recover any expenses in the
      vation and then work the basic skills with the             same year in which they were transferred so
      supervisors                                                as not to be an alibaba backward to get
      - The system stage is from the middle of the               around the ofce coordination system.
      second year and the third year where the                   Item 7: Academic advisor
      student studies the body equipment ranging                 The Executive Committee of the Program
      from anatomy and end to pharmacological                    determines for each group of students a
      and surgical treatment - and this year the                 faculty member as an academic advisor to
      student is practicing some of Interviewing                 assist the student must adapt to the system
      and signing the medical examination of some                of credit hours and supervise the student's
      cases with supervisors according to the                    study program and guidance and help in the
      system being studied                                       choice of courses for each semester and the
      - Clinical phase starting from the eighth to the           observation of its progress and the monitor-
      tenth, which is conducted by clinical courses              ing of its performance as part of the
      (Clerkships) It is done in clinical or clinical            follow-up of the educational process, the
      departments with the participation of pre-clini-           Executive Committee of the program selects
      cal sections in the teaching of basic sciences             academic advisors from all participating
      d-Teaching philosophy is divided into 4                    departments.
                            Competency - Based Medical Bachelor Program (CBMBP)
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