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                                                                    Different ?

                                                                    Part four: Bachelor of Medicine based
                                                                    on the narratives:
                                                                    To be recognized as a prominent medical
                                                                    doctor in the eld of medical education and
                                                                    practical research based on social needs in
                                                                    Egypt and the Middle East and to play an
                                                                    effective role in providing and improving
                                                                    health care at the local, regional and interna-
                                                                    tional levels
                                                                                        College Message
                                                                    * Graduation of a competent doctor with the
                                                                    knowledge and skills necessary and scienti-
                                                                    cally qualied to deal with the problems of
                                                                    health patients efciently and effectively,
                                                                    taking into account the profession
                                                                    * Conducting innovative medical research to
                                                                    meet the needs of the community and devel-
                                                                    op medical services
                                                                    * Providing continuous and distinct medical
                                                                    care to the members of society according to
                                                                    quality standards

                                                                                       Program message

                                                                    •Graduates who are familiar with the basic
                                                                    knowledge are the skills and behaviors
                                                                    required to provide effective primary and
                                                                    community health care in parallel with the
                                                                    continuous global development based on the
                                                                    philosophy of medical paradigms and
                                                                    student-centered learning, integration and
                                                                    overlap between courses and philosophy of
                                                                    learning based ON and overlap between
                                                                    courses and philosophy of problem-based

                                                                    •To enable the doctor to develop the medical
                                                                    and scientic skills required to meet the
                                                                    needs of the local, regional and international
                                                                    labor market

                                                                    •Qualifying the doctor with the skills and
                                                                    rules of communication, counseling, profes-
                                                                    sional and social, administrative and leader-
                                                                    ship skills as a basic component of modern
                                                                    medical walls

                                                                    •Preparing doctors who are familiar with the
                                                                    skills of recruitment and learning life,
                                                                    self-learning and scientic research to be
                                                                    able to research and acquire the knowledge
                                                                    and skills necessary for the development of
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